Most Companies today require multiple tools and complex processes just to make a single payment
We are here to change that

At Haslle, we strongly believe that technology will enable CFOs and their teams to shift from completing repetitive tasks to proactively interpreting their companies’ financial data in real time and spending more time for identifying opportunities. 

We strive to offer automated tools which will not only streamline finance teams' workflows, but also assist in making decisions and predicting risks.

In 2020

We are looking for leaders who are ready to take finance to the next level. We are looking for CFOs who are convinced about digital, automation and collaboration with non-finance teams in their companies. We are looking for a discussion, feedback and ideas to build the best financial product on the market.

Our Values

We are set to take hassle away from running  Your Company's finances - so much so that we named our company Haslle to remind us that. We are about Collaboration, Innovation, Insight as well as Effortless and  Paperless Efficiency

What makes Haslle different?