Effective Spending Management Boosts
Performance through all the teams!

Get full visibility on your company spending

  • Confused about where to look for your company spending overview?
  • How much investor money is left?
  • Often overspend your monthly budget without evening knowing it?
  • Need to track project costs and calculate its ROI?

We’ve  got you covered!

Streamlined Cash Management

Always be aware of where company cash is being spent. Manage and control company spending, across all sources, departments, and categories in real-time.

Using Haslle, analyze funds & investment amount left to ensure business expenses will be covered at first glance. Make data-driven & improved spending decisions more quickly and based on real-time data analysis. Track company key metrics such as burn rate, runway, labor costs, and cash on hand.

Be aware of the department spendings

Wondering where each department is spending most of their budget? 

Stay in control of spending and distributing cash whilst empowering department directors by using Haslle. Approve department-based requests for spending within seconds with your app on the go. Check cash budget spent based on category, vendor, or by department.

Approve and adjust a budget quickly

No more struggle of having lots of budget requests. Haslle makes it simpler than ever as you can approve requests on the go, enabling full visibility of what project or category the request is coming from instantly. 

Need requests and documents to be approved by different managers and team leads?- We got you covered! 

Approver Rules – Create your own tailored rules who should approve requests which fall in selected criteria (amount, type, etc.). Can be found in Settings -> Approval Rules

Still concerned about budget approvals? Haslle warrants access to real-time spend data with more details than ever before. Instantly discover which projects or categories most of the budget is being spent on, check invoices and leave comments if needed before you approve a budget or a purchase request.

Forget manual work and focus on predictive analytics and forecasting!

  • Plagued by manual, repetitive, and time-consuming tasks like initiating bank transfers to recording checks into the ledger?
  • Always have to chase after the company invoices?

We have got you covered!

Easily assign cards

Many departments have a struggle with assigning purchase cards to employees. 

On many platforms in the market, this task requires a lot of information, is difficult and time-consuming. Furthermore if you want to reassign virtual purchase cards to new or other employees, it could be an issue leading to account blocking. 

Since Haslle cards are linked only to company accounts and only virtually assigned to employees, you can easily issue and re-use cards for different use cases being more flexible with your payment means and hassle free!

Say goodbye to manual tasks

No need to use softwares that need lots of integrations with your main accounting tools and still require a lot of your manual work. 

Haslle automatically transfers data to your other software (i.e. ERP software) once a purchase has been approved & occurred after creating an approval for the payment, saving managers time & ensuring accuracy. All the information entered to Haslle is integrated with other tools used in the company automatically. Your company doesn’t need many tools for purchases – only one good that automates all the processes!

Monitor & get insights in the real-time

Would like to monitor all company spending at one glance? 

Uploading information manually from bank accounts to company accounting software can be time consuming and decrease data accuracy. Haslle easily engages with employees when payments are occurring, and requests proof documents that are needed or missing. 

All the expenditure information will be ready in one place for analyzing and improving spending decisions.

Process invoices with ease

Haslle enables receiving invoices to a dedicated inbox, so it doesn’t get lost in your work email. Get data extracted automatically since Haslle uses OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology. Schedule payments per invoice instantly, ensuring payments will never be late for your vendors.

No more chasing after invoices and receipts

Handling company purchases is always a challenge for your finance teams. 

Receiving and analyzing purchase orders and processing payments takes around a week. 

With an automation tool like Haslle, teams are notified to add receipts or invoices helping managers inspect all purchases in one dashboard. 

Maintain even greater control as each card payment &/or bank transfer are automatically validated against budgets approved.

Pay for small purchases without any hassle!

Have a set budget for office supplies, training, or event purchases each month and spend without having to request it.

Use a single process for outstanding bills, card payments, and out-of-pocket spend that needs to be reimbursed.

Stop worrying about forgetting to add or collect receipts, as you will be notified as soon as your payment is made.

Virtual approvals and requests

Always struggling with a budget request for purchases from managers? 

Don’t want to bother managers too often with a question about the budget? 

We’ve got you covered! With Haslle, it only takes a few minutes to request the budget needed for company purchases. Haslle connects employees company-wide and delivers instant notification via the mobile app to managers with the request and comments, for the amount requested, and allows approvals as soon as needed. 

Just in a few steps, you can easily receive a needed budget confirmed.

Issued virtual or physical cards

No longer need to use your own credit card or petty cash when making company-related purchases. Forget about the reimbursement process, as employees will be issued a Haslle virtual or physical card. All the purchases made with Haslle physical or virtual cards will appear on the dashboard, making it easy to monitor what category has the highest spending in real-time. This insight forecasts next month’s spendings and allows budget requests accordingly. In addition, there is no need to share purchase cards with other colleagues as with Haslle your colleagues can be assigned and receive their own virtual card.

Automated and easy on-the-go reports!

  • Tired of manually filling time-consuming reports?
  • Constantly forgetting to attach a receipt or an invoice?
  • Struggled to receive reimbursement from the business trips or events with the partners?

Book your trips with company card

Booking business trips out of your pockets is a thing of the past. Haslle easily issues a virtual card to book your flights, accommodation, event tickets, and any other purchase needed. 

By booking with Haslle virtual cards, information about the purchase is sent to management for instant approvals.

Pay on the go with Haslle virtual card

In addition to virtual cards, physical business purchase cards will be issued for purchases on the go at restaurants or business lounges. Limits will be set based on budget left dynamically on each card, reducing anxiety of over-spending or losing your card.

Furthermore, in the case of a bigger budget is needed, requests can be made on the go using Haslle app. Once a request for a purchase or budget is sent, managers will be notified to confirm requests on the go as well.

Automated real-time reports

Automated reports contain all the data accountants need to reconcile for the month. 

Since receipts and  invoice are automatically getting categorized and matched right away after payments are made. Using Haslle, all data is in one place and synchronized with your accounting system.

Business trips will become more satisfying and with fewer concerns to collect receipts as you will be able to snap them after each purchase on your Haslle app.


Automated and easy on-the-go reports!

  • Tired of getting lost within all the subscription your team has and for making payments for them?
  • Are all the information scattered in each tool you are using and no-one knows how much is spent for a particular campaign or project?

Virtual unique cards

Chasing all the payments made by one company card is frustrating and confusing as you can get lost who made the payment and for what. Haslle, provides you with the opportunity to issue different virtual cards to your team members or allows each team member to make a payment directly from the browser they are using.

Every payment made for subscription or purchase for campaigns is registered to the person or team that made the payment. In this case, you will always know who is responsible for each transaction and which project it belongs to.

Secure and Controllable online spending

A lot of departments are using the same business card for all the transactions and SaaS tools subscription payments which is insecure and involves a lot of manual processing.

Using Haslle software and virtual cards issued, you can easily compile all information for each purchase you are making within your team.

Easy transaction tracking

Automated reports contain all the data your accountants need to reconcile for the month. As receipts are being categorized and matched right away after you make payment.

Using Haslle, all data is in one place and synchronized with your accounting system. Your business trips will become more satisfying, eliminating unnecessary paperwork so you can go back to the business questions.

Empower remote employees for needed expenses

Today, remote employees are as common as full time ones. Therefore, employers should be as aware about them and be prepared to provide all the needed documentation needed to ensure employee’s peace of mind.

Give power to remote employees

Submitting expenses in remote working environments can be quite difficult for employees and handling them can be frustrating for managers. Ineffective expense processing can lead to loss of goodwill and stress for employers as well as employees. Therefore, automated expense management software like Haslle, are used for remote working employees.


By issuing virtual or physical Haslle cards to remote employees, boost their power to spend without worry for future reimbursements.

Be aware and in control of the spendings

Stay aware and in control with flexible card policies and approval workflows by using the Haslle app. Instead of forgetting about the claim or losing the receipt, snap a picture of the receipt and add to the app that converts it into digital images and adds directly to the expense report. In this case, the managers will be all the time in control and provided with the real-time date what payment was made and for what purpose or good.

Haslle enables the view of what remote working employees are claiming on a day-to-day basis and flag issues or irregularities as soon as they get spotted rather than waiting for weeks until a large set of costs gets submitted.

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