Smart Company Debit Cards

Haslle helps you manage company budgets, purchases and subscriptions using smart payment debit cards collaboratively with your team.

Smart Company Debit cards


Increase Flexibility

Let your employees and teams can get cash when they need to so that they can focus on the job at hand

Ensure 100% Control

Ensure your employees and teams only pay within the budget and never overspend

Spend easily

Let your teams spend easily with configurable virtual and physical  payment cards

Spending Management Solution that works for Smart Teams

Debit Cards

Limits managed automatically

Forget adjusting limits of each card you issue or assign to your teams or employees. Let Haslle take care of making sure that each debit card limits are managed automatically according to budgets remaining.

Reassign and Reuse same cards

Reuse same cards for different employees, teams and campaigns. Don’t throw away physical debit cards when cards are needed for different people and stop issuing piles of cards and waiting for card deliveries when you can just swap them for different purposes on demand.

Debit Cards
Debit Cards

Real-time visibility of all Spend

Get real time notifications on every transaction and reminders to attach receipts and invoices. Share budgets in team structure and see what was purchased and how much budget is left.

debit cards

Get all transactions, invoices, receipts and purchases in one place. Receive notifications for each payment and make sure you are on budget with every single payment.

Approve purchases and invoices on the go and get needed budgets for your team's spending. Easily report expenses to accounting team and get notifications about your team's spending.

Easily request purchase approvals and pay by virtual debit cards. Receive notifications to upload a receipt or invoice for every payment.

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