Accounting Automation

Get accurate and timely spending reports data. All company spending information customised in one dashboard.

Haslle Accounting Automation

Accounting Automation

Haslle Accounting Automation

Ensure Visibility

Have full visibility of documents per spending transaction.

Time Management

Make chasing receipts and invoices a things of the past by allowing instant uploads of documents.

Spend Notifications

Get notifications instantly when payments occur and view spend data on the go.

Spending Management Solution that works for Smart Teams

Haslle Accounting Automation

Connect IBAN

Get Data by connecting your local bank IBAN & manage all your spending by receiving payment data in one place. Integrate data with your existing accounting software, ERP & API.

Automate Detail Extraction

Our AI powered OCR technology extracts details document details automatically in any language. Getting invoices digital has never been more simple!

Haslle Accounting Automation
Haslle Accounting Automation

Detailed Spending Reports

Gather all payments in one place real time, with customized vital information per transaction and cost categories to find data faster.

Consolidate Data

Reduce time needed to gather relevant spend data, and stop switching between tools. Centralize all expense data in one dashboard.

Haslle Accounting Automation

Spend that Impacts the Entire Team

Stressed business woman

Stay in control of finances by having all spend related data available real time in one dashboard.

To manage multiple marketing campaigns at once, have ease of mind of budgets by attaching documents of payments on the go. Making it easy to find any data.

Manage receipts, purchase orders, and other data in one place to make sure your spending process is robust and documents are well managed.

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Accounting Automation

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