We bring a unique blend of engineering and business expertise to solve tomorrow’s corporate productivity problems. Our team is working to help you achieve the best business spend management tactics for your company.

Povilas Zinys


Co-designed a product for personal data exchange which got investment from Paypal.I like playing piano when I have time to relax. At Haslle, as the CEO, my job is getting things done from product to strategy to investment search.

Vladyslav Tkachuk


Designed from scratch complicated systems, established and streamlined development processes. In my free time I play football and go sightseeing. At Haslle  as CTO I’m responsible for operations and delivery of a product.

Yuriy Rachek

Head of Engineering

Head of Engineering, 13 years of experience in software engineering & leading engineering teams. In my free time, I like surfing, longboard and listening to music.

Dima Shevchenko

Software Developer

Co-developed of an ERP system for a European international bank as a full-stack programmer. All-life design engineer. I like to study technology, create engineering things. . At Haslle I’m the software engineer. In charge of implementation of an effective modern web-based user interface as the basis for a simple & productive interaction between the client & the product.

Egle Karciauske

Head of Sales

Connecting people for innovation and always reaching business targets. . At Haslle, as the Head of Sales, I am responsible for building the sales team, processes and finding the best fit between the product and the customers.

Roman Kydybets


10 years of experience working as a DevOps and Infrastructure engineer. Successfully migrated the existing On-premises infrastructure into the Cloud Provider. Implemented project monitoring, HA, and disaster recovery plans for various customers.
At Haslle, implementing CI/CD, infrastructure, security, monitoring of projects, logging in, and alerting solutions. One of my hobbies is trail running.

Nika Ketabchi

Digital Marketing Manager

Next to my brand marketing masters & BBA, I have completed marketing-related projects for over 10 businesses. 
At Haslle, I am in charge of Digital Marketing manager. Responsible for SEO, SEM, advertisements across channels. My goal is strategizing for better conversions across our multi-channel platforms.

Szabina Korga

Content Marketing

Next to my 6 years’ experience in the financial industry at multinational companies, I studied digital marketing, and I follow new trends and strategies continuously. At Haslle, I make content for our blogs. 

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