Company Spending

Made Simple

Incredibly effective Expense Management Solution for your Company! 


Payment Cards for Employees

Stop credit card sharing for business expenses and issue every employee their own expense card with set spending limit per category

Streamlined Approval Process

Approve and Control every  Purchase and Category Limit for every Employee, Project and Team on the go using a modern mobile appilcation


Real-time Analytics on Your Spending

Track expenses as they happen with real time alerts. See who's spending what, where and when and be assured that purchases made by your employees are within the approved limits.

Empower your Teams while staying in control

  • Issue virtual and physical cards to your employees, teams, projects and subscriptions

  • Define spending limits for every spending category

  • Fund cards when employees need to spend real-time

  • Approve limit and purchase requests on the go

  • Make smart decisions with recommendations on purchases before approval

Manage People not Expenses

  • Provide Full Control to Finance teams

  • Track purchases from order to payment

  • Define custom budgets per team or project​

Connect Haslle with Your Accounting Software 

Haslle seamlessly works with your accounting system and saves you precious time on repetitive tasks. You can now import all expenses and associated data with a single click.

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